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Bruker Contour GT-K 3D

Optical Profilometer



The ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope sets a new industry standard in design and cost for surface metrology performance. With exceptional roughness and 2D/3D measurement capabilities, high-resolution imaging and the industry’s most advanced user friendly interface, the system offers uncompromised metrology in a simplified package with a compact footprint. The gage-capable ContourGT-K provides intuitive access to an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses for LED, solar cell, thick films, semiconductor, ophthalmic, medical device, MEMS and tribology applications. Boasting unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy, the ContourGT-K provides all of the industry recognized advantages of Bruker’s proprietary white light interferometry without the deficiencies of conventional confocal and standard digital microscopes.


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Mitutoyo M574

Coordinate Measuring Machine



CRYSTA-PLUS M is the intelligent alternative to the complex, cost-intensive measuring equipment with conventional  multi-point measuring devices. These CMM’s will introduce you into the world of 3D measurement and will demonstrates its strengths wherever the measuring tasks are constantly changing, different work pieces are involved, and random measurements are needed. The Crysta-Plus M offers you the following benefits:


  • High-precision, self-adjusting air bearings on all axes

  • Lightweight moving components give you very smooth operation

  • Force reducing grip

  • Continuous fine feed over the entire measuring range

  • Dust protected glass scales

  • With powerful Mitutoyo MCOSMOS software

  • Conforms to CE per directive 89/336/EEC



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Multicomponent dynamometer



Quartz dynamometer for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force.


• Reliable force measurement system

• For measuring cutting forces measuring in milling, grinding and turning

• Built-in charge amplifiers – simple operation

• 4 switchable measuring ranges

• Conforms to CE per directive 89/336/EEC



Dynamometer 9257BA











Quartz micro dynamometer for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force.



Dynamometer 9257BA








Acoustic Emission Sensor



The PiezotronR Acoustic Emission Sensor with an integral impedance converter can be used for measuring acoustic emission (AE) above 50 kHz in bearing based machine structures, high pressure vessel, compressor or valves. With its small size, it easily mounts near the source of emission to optimally capture the signal. A M6 or .-28" bolt is all that is needed. Available in both intrinsically or non-intrinsically safe versions, this very rugged sensor has a welded housing for degree of protection IP65 with high temperature operation up to 165°C.


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Triaxial Accelerometer



High sensitivity triaxial accelerometers that simultaneously mea-sure vibration in three, mutually perpendicular axis (x, y and z). Designed primarily for modal analysis applications, the triaxial accelerometer features three tapped mounting surfaces that allow each axis to be hard mounted for calibration.


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Surface Roughness Tester



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Hardness tester



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Leica M125




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Highspeed Camera





The MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini2 meets the requirements of the most varied applications, because resolution and speed can be user defined as needed. A resolution of 1,696 x 1,710 pixels delivers superb image quality with a high level of detail. Based on MIKROTRON’S high-speed technology the camera captures more than 200,000 frames per second to freeze-frame any action.


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Heidenhain TS 642

Touching probe



The TS 642 shares the essential electrical and mechanical properties of the TS 640. These include:

  • High repeatability of 2 σ <= 1μm

  • Large infrared range of up to 7m

  • Long operating periods up to 800h

  • Use of standard size-C batteries, rechargeable or not

  • Workpiece cleaning air blower/coolant flusher


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