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CTX 310 eco

Turning Center (2) axes

DMU 50 eco

Machining Center (3+2) axes


Laser engraving (3+2) axes






The DMU 50 eco is equipped with well-chosen functions necessary for indexing 5-axis machining as standard, offers excellent cost performance. The machine uses an NC swivel rotary table with digital drives as standard. The NC swivel rotary table consists of the B-axis with the tilt angle from -5 to +110 and the C-axis that can rotate 360. The B-axis, which can tilt another 20 from vertical position, allows back side milling and flexible indexing 5-axis machining by combining with the C-axis. In addition, the machine is equipped with a spindle with the maximum rotational speed of 8,000 min-1, tool magazine with a tool storage capacity of 16 tools and manual pulse handle as standard. The machine equipped with functions and features required for 5-axis machines contributes to reducing the total production time from purchase of raw materials to finished products.

With the LASERTEC 40 series, finest contours and cavities, 3D-laser engravings and components with vertical walls can be machined in premium quality and without tool costs. Additional benefits are reduced cycle time, increased process safety and greater reproducibility. The most diverse materials, such as hardened steel, graphite, ceramics, carbide or even extremely dense materials such as CBN and PCD can be easily machined with superb surface qualities (Ra = 0.8 μm in PCD and up to Ra = 1.0 μm in hardened steel). The machine program on the LASERTEC 40 is automatically generated from 3D-CAD data. LaserSoft 3D-software supports the simple manufacturing of lettering and logos into the 3D-surface, such as embossing dies, artistic reliefs, jewellery or tools for medals and coins.








MICROSET Uno 115 eco







For tool measurements of up to 230 mm and measurement lengths of up to 370 mm, the UNO series is optimally suited for standalone solutions and entry-level applications. This functionality is realized through proven components like the Edge-Finder for fast positioning of the tool edge in the measuring window, or the sturdy cast-iron construction of the device bed. Particularly outstanding are the comprehensive measuring functions of the new Microvision II IT image processing software. The UNO 115 eco positioning device assures long-lasting, consistent processing quality.


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